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"Tobias," I say. "It’s me" I step forward and wrap my arms around him. His body is stiff. His heart beats faster. I can feel it against my cheek. A thud against my cheek. A thud as the gun hits the floor. "Tris," he says, and it’s him again.

His arm wraps around me and he lifts me up, holding me against him, his hands clutching at my back…He sets me down and stares at me, his fingers brushing over my forehead, my eyebrows, my cheeks, my lips…I lean against him, and he supports me. “How did you do it?” I say. “I don’t know,” he says. “I   j u s t   h e a r d   y o u r   v o i c e.”

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chocolate and vanilla swirrrrllllll swirlllllllllll


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image here’s a link to frozen online (works on mobile too~) if you’re wondering how i’m watching it image 

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